Chamberlain Liftmaster 41ac050-1 won’t close for 1-2 Minutes everyday in the morning, why? My Chamberlain Liftmaster 41ac050-1 won’t close every time I go out of the garage in the morning for about 2 minutes! However it closes normally later, it’s only that 1st time that it opens in the morning when it doesn’t close and it’s really annoying having to have to click the button for about 2 minutes so the garage door closes. Any ideas how to fix this? Must be a some sort of setting

Do-It-To-Yourselfer replied: "If it is only happening in the morning and no other time, I would suspect the little sensors are getting some interference, perhaps from adjustment or sunlight shining on them. My garage doors are on the south side and some mornings it plays hell with the sensor.

Be sure the door is balanced and the spring(s) are in good shape."

AdamDoorCo replied: "The first person’s answer is very true. One other possibility is that when you are sitting in front of your door pressing the button you may be in a "dead" zone where the remote frequency for some reason isn’t communicating well enough with the opener. We have noticed that certain models of Chamberlain openers work much better if you are moving when you press the button. Hope this helps you and have a merry CHRISTmas!"

replied: "You might try a new battery in the transmitter. It might be almost dead and when it warms up from your hand or the car heater it starts to work. Just a thought, I saw it happen recently."

Garage door opener Chamberlain liftmaster professional 1/3 horsepower light stop working? I change the bulb with a new one and still not working. How to trouble shoot this problem.

2dambig replied: "Chamberlain had a problem with the threads on there light sockets, you think you screwed the bulb in properly , but you may not have, the threads are to coarse for the bulb threads, but if this is not the case, the section of the circuit board may be damaged."

Chamberlain/LiftMaster 2280 will not open with remote? The remotes have new batteries and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work at all. Need to solve this problem as soon as possible.
and the garage door opener worked for 4 years striaght

rizinoutlaw replied: "make sure batteries are in correctly. Try reprogramming them. If I am not mistaken on the back is a 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch orange button. Press and release the button. The opener should click and the lights flash. If they do not the remote did not program. If it did not program change batteries again. Also on the back of the opener there is a little LED light right above or besides the orange button. Press the remote and see if the little LED light flickers or comes on when it does. If not the remote is not sending a signal. You could have a bad remote or a bad ccuit board. You might want to call a liftmaster dealer to see if they have a frequency meter. IT measures remotes strength. If it tests good you have a bad board."

replied: "Outlaw has said almost everything, except if you have those little flourescent lights in the operator remove them. I have seen them do exactly what is happening with your opener. Use regular or rough service bulbs instead."

Sears Craftsman – Same as Chamberlain/Liftmaster? I am looking for a replacement part for my Craftsman garage door opener (receiver/logic board needs replacement) and I would like to know if the chamberlain/liftmaster parts are compatible.

the part numbers are almost identical (41AC150-2 vs. 41AC150-1)


Additional info: both remotes are working intermittently, batteries have been replaced and reprogrammed, i’m assuming it is a problem with the receiver)

T-A-D Lives!! replied: "I work for Sears and I can tell you that Chamberlain makes our garage door opener. But you should get the part that is specifically for your garage door opener. If you don’t do that, it could cause your garage door opener not to function properly.

Edit: If you call Chamberlain about a Craftsman garage door opener, they will most likely refer you back to Sears."

replied: "Your #s I do not recognize, but most stuff matches up well. You may have to remove the board from the plastic cover and put the new board on your sears, cause they can be very different. Intermittent remotes I see only rarely of this variety. If your opener does not have safety beams the board is probably not available. Try Chamberlain at 1-800-528-6563. I never gave you that number(haha). You will need the sears #. It starts with 139……….."

How do I buy the correct Liftmaster 371LM remotes? I need to purchase some Chamberlain Liftmaster 371LM remotes for my Liftmaster garage door opener. The "learn button" on the back is purple. From what I can tell, this means that I need the 313 MHz frequency model of the Liftmaster 371LM instead of the 295 MHz version. They both say Security+ on them though. How do I tell the difference or does it even matter? Thank you for all of your help.

Opener Guy replied: "Chamberlain / LiftMaster remote controls are designated by model number, as you mentioned (371LM), and each individual model number will only transmit the "Security +" coding on a specific frequency. For a garage door opener made by Chamberlain that uses a purple colored "learn" button, the frequency used by the system is 315 MHz. The 371LM is a 315 MHz version of a Security + remote control, and will definitely work with your opener. Other Security + remote controls operate on 390 MHz, and are designated with the model "971LM". These will not work with your system, of course.

To make an already long story short, with a purple learn button system, any model 371LM remote control will be compatible.

If you know the model number of your opener (under the front or right side light cover, and not to be confused with a "part number" that starts ’41A ______’), you can visit, download an owner’s manual in PDF format, and check compatibility with the manual."

AdamDoorCo replied: "As the fellow above mentioned, the purple learn button designates any remote control model beginning with a "3" such as 371LM, 372LM, 377LM etc. Just call your local dealer and tell them you need the 371LM and you’re good to go! Hope this helps!"

Chamberlain Liftmaster .5 hp garage door opener help? My garage door opener has power to it. When either the remote push button or the hard wired push button is activated the trolley only moves about an eighth of an inch and stops. It has worked well for over a year so what can be some things I need to check to get it working again? Thanks for your help.

frozenbrew replied: "there is a knob on opener that adjusts the sensitivity of the opener that may need adjusting."

Drewfuss replied: "all the newer garage door openers have an Electric eye across the door opening down about a foot from the floor. there is a transmitter on one side and receiver on the other. if these have gotten knocked out of alignment or if there is something blocking the light path, the door will act that way."

replied: "Push the wall button and hold it. The door should go all the way down and stop by itself. Then let go of the button. Push the button again and this time let it go. The door should raise normally. Your remotes should only raise the door. They probably will not close it no matter what you do. Check your safety beams, both should have little green diode lights on them. If one is out your beams are out of alignment. If they are both lit your door force to close might be set too light. If none of this works let me know as your problem may be internal."

Chamberlain LiftMaster 2255C will not open or close, just two short hums? I have tried all the remotes, keypad, and wall unit and each time I try to open/close the door the unit hums twice and then shuts off. I opened it up to make sure the gears wear fine, and no white powder. All circuits and wires appear fine. I don’t know what’s is wrong and how to solve it. Any guesses?
The door itself is fine. I’ve used the emergency latch and the door has no problem moving or stopping at any point on the track. hope that helps more.

Osbaldistone replied: "Just to be clear, we are talking about a garage door opener, right?

First, check to make sure there is nothing between the two electronic eyes by the floor. As you know, anything between them makes the whole thing not work.

There should be a handle (probably red) hanging from a rope mounted to the track near the top of the garage door. This is an emergency release to disconnect the door from the opener. Pull the release and then try the opener again. This will tell you if the opener will work with no load on it.

In my experience, a problem like you described is normally caused by a garage door not working properly – and I screw around with the opener when really I should just examine the door.

Has a roller jumped the track? Has the spring slipped making the door too hard to open? You can re-tension the spring yourself if you are careful.

Hope that helps…"

Elliott M replied: "start capacitor is shot or the door is jammed and going of on limit"

hamberlain Liftmaster 1000 series garage door opener – compatible remote? I’ve got an Chamberlain Liftmaster 1000 series garage door opener and need a new remote control opener for it. There are a number posted on Ebay, but I have no idea what’s compatible. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

dannerdog replied: "Go to Home Depot or Lowe’s. They have a universal one that works. I had to get one for my rental property. Works fine!!!"

replied: "Call Chamberlain at 1-800-528-6563. Have all info from opener ready. Make, Model, Serial #."

Problems with Chamberlain 1355? Just moved into my new house, and the garage has an automatic opener…Chamberlain Liftmaster 1355 contractor. The remote opener opens the door fine, but when I back out of the garage, the remote will not close the door, instead the light flahes like 4-5 times and that’s it. Also, when i close the door with the button in the garage, I can’t just press it, I need to hold it for the entire time the door is closing. Can anyone help?

BigOne0909 replied: "Chamberlain is my favorite brand. They also make the craftsman. Sounds like a programming issue. On the back of the motor is a short version of the programming instructions. Go through the step to clear the existing programming. if you do this and it does not help, your local sears store may be able. Like i said craftsman used to be strictly Chamberlain. now genie makes some of them look for a hardware salesman with gray hair."

Rusty Nail replied: "There are two sensors mounted near the floor. These are to prevent accidents if something is in the way. They must be aimed at each other to allow the door to work. Someone probably bumped one of them. Twist, turn, or bent the brackets to fix the problem. There will most likely be a green light when they are correct."

PR2 replied: "Because it opens easily, but is difficult to close, I think it is probably something like a spider web across the safety sensor eye. When the door is open, outside light illuminates whatever is on your safety sensor, and makes the sensor see it. Wipe clean the lenses of the safety senors, and you should be good."

rizinoutlaw replied: "you have a safety eye issue. Holding down the inside wall button bypasses the safety eyes. One eye should be amber the other green. If you have no lights on then you have a bad wire, loose connection or bad eyes or opener. If just the Amber eye is on, this tells you the Amber eye should be working properly and that the wire to that eye is good. If the green eye is out make sure it is pointing to the amber eye. It should be solid green. If it is flickering the least little bit the door will not close and do what it has been doing to you. Make sure it is lined up and no debris blocking them. If you can not get the green eye solid, check wiring, and connections at back of opener.

Chances are it is just knocked out of line. Hope this helps!"

Where can I find a replacement belt for my garage door opener? We have an old Chamberlain LiftMaster 1000 series. It works great except that the belt just broke. Where can I find a replacement belt? Called LiftMaster up and they said they don’t have replacement parts for that series anymore… I’ve been to hardware stores and they can’t help me. I’m trying to find a place where I can order it online – no luck. I don’t have enough money to buy a new opener, all I need is a belt. Please help!

dodge man replied: "get the name of the opener and look it up on-line,they do sell parts for about any opener made,and the company that made it should have a web-site,good luck with it."

replied: "The belt might have the size printed on it. All these belts were 3/8s wide and various lengths. You might see numbers such as 3L 270. These V type belts are made by the millions and are certainly available. The motor starting capacitor(a round black plastic cylinder) might also be bad. It will have a red and a blue wire attached. Do not worry about it if operator works when belt is replaced. If opener just hums but does not move capacitor might be bad. Both these parts should be $30 or less. Of course do all this work with operator unplugged. If # on belt is strange post it and I will reply with correct #. Send it to me e-mail."